COVID-19 & OneDayOnly: everything you need to know.

Updated 30 March 2020 - please note this is a consistently updated page that may change daily.

The coronavirus outbreak has caused understandable concern, and the situation is developing day by day. Although we don't know exactly how things will look going into the next few weeks, we will do our best to keep our communication concise and current and will inform you of any changes that may affect you.

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Lock down

We welcome the government's decision to effect a 21-day lock down period, and we will be suspending the delivery of non-essential products from Friday March 27th until the lock down has been lifted.

As it currently stands, this suspension will not apply to the sale of essential goods - which will be marked as such clearly on the site - and we will continue to dispatch these products as normal. Should there be any changes regarding the delivery of essentials, we will communicate this to you.

All other products can still be added to your cart and ordered as normal, but we will place these orders on hold for dispatch as quickly as possible following the lift of the lock down.

Essential items

OneDayOnly has taken note of and is in accordance with the gazetted pricing regulations. Please note that as a result of extraordinary demand, certain suppliers and manufacturers have been required to take extraordinary measures to bring products to us - including air-freighting stock into the country. These measures, while necessary, can drive up the cost of certain goods considerably.

All essential items are marked with an ESSENTIAL ITEM sticker and will be delivered during lock down.

Essential items include but are not limited to:

  • Food and food items, including pet food
  • Sanitisers and soap
  • Personal protection equipment (masks, gloves, overalls)
  • Cleaning materials (surface cleaner, multipurpose cleaner)
  • Cleaning products (mops, brooms, scourers, buckets)
  • Supplements and vitamins
  • Batteries, rechargeable lights and torches
  • Toiletries (toilet paper and female hygiene products)
  • Bedding (pillows, duvets, sheets, covers, blankets)
  • Baby essentials (diapers, clothing)

About our products on offer

We’ve broken our products down into 2 categories: essentials and non-essentials.

Essential items can and will be dispatched to you during lock down. A tracking number will be emailed to you when the product(s) leave our warehouse, and a courier will deliver to your home.

Non-essential items will not be delivered during the lock down. These can still be added to your cart and ordered as normal, but we will place these orders on hold for dispatch as quickly as possible following the lift of the lock down.

Should you place an order for an essential and non-essential item, you delivery will be split and the essential(s) delivered soonest, with the non-essential(s) held back.

Our precautions

From our side:

As of Friday March 27th, OneDayOnly has implemented a comprehensive work from home strategy wherever possible. Only essential staff remain in operation at our warehouses, and every precaution has been taken to ensure they are and remain safe. Each packing station is equipped with hand sanitiser and surfaces and equipment are routinely wiped down.

Employees are encouraged to practice social distancing, and procedures have been put in place to keep physical contact down to a minimum when handling and packing orders for dispatch.

From the courier's side:

OneDayOnly will make use of Fast & Furious couriers to effect the deliveries of essential items at this time. Fast & Furious have implemented out their own specific preventative measures, and we're confident in their ability to continue to maintain a responsible and efficient delivery service at this time.

Because the safety of the courier and the customer is of the utmost importance, the courier may ask if he/she can sign on your behalf.

From your side:

If you wish to change your delivery address for any order, this can be done directly from your account once you're logged in. If you'd like to update the delivery address of any order that has already left our warehouse, please drop us an email and we will assist further.

Please note that we are currently not processing returns, though these can still be logged with our customer service team as normal. If you have any further questions/concerns, please feel free to contact us at

Thank you for your support, and as always, we remain committed to bringing you good deals at better prices.

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