How COVID-19 and lockdown may (still) affect your order.

Our sincerest apologies for the wait you may be experiencing, either for your order or a response from our CS team. Both are a direct result of unprecedented volumes, and we are rapidly working through the backlog to ensure we can resume our standard levels of service.

NOTE: please be sure to see the My Orders page in your account for detailed information - we have revamped this to ensure it always shows the very latest details we have on your order.

Below are our 3 most common queries at the moment. There's every chance your question may be answered here:

Why the &*%$! are you not responding to my message?

We cannot apologise enough for this. Since lockdown, we have experienced a radical increase in sales and customers, but we are not doing a sufficient job of communicating exactly how badly our processes (and suppliers) are impacted as a result.

Our own processes have been impacted both by the challenges thrown at us (such as suppliers and couriers working on skeleton staff or shutting down completely), as well as massively increased demand - all of which is compounded by us being unable to ship most items for 8 weeks.

Despite this, we have moved record numbers of orders to our customers and responded to a staggering number of people on Customer Service. However there are some 1000+ orders still being processed (some even from April) and our customer service staff face a constantly increasing number of questions. We are doing everything in our power to work through this backlog, hiring more staff as well as revamping our systems and processes - but all of this will take time to take effect.

We hope this goes some way towards explaining the silence from our end, and again, we're so sorry for the wait.

Where is my order?

We're sorry if you've waited past our usual lead time for delivery.

Orders may take a little longer than usual, but we will let you know the second it has been dispatched.

Why did I only receive part of my parcels?

Please note that a small portion of our deliveries have been impacted by COVID-19. If some items in your order are marked dispatched and others are not, we are aware of this and are actively working through this backlog.

Please see the My Orders page for more information - this will show you exactly which of your items have been dispatched, as well as provide info on the outstanding items.

If your item has not been dispatched yet, please note that we are aware of this and we are are working our way through the backlog.

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