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3 brush heads


Cordless Electric Multi-purpose Surface Scrubber and Cleaner


Retail: R600

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Use the power of motion to get a deep clean with less effort. Clorox Scrubtastic multi-purpose powered cleaning tool uses over 300 RPM to scrub away tough stains or dirt with ease. With the 99cm extendable handle, reach and clean high areas like ceilings or even airconditioning vents. Time to say good-bye to those back-breaking manual scrubbers or unsafe cleaning practices when reaching to clean high places! NEW Flat Surface brush for, well flat surfaces; and the larger Round brush for bigger jobs or smooth surfaces like bathroom tiles.

Product Features
  • It features a spinning head with 3 different interchangeable scrubbers to suit your cleaning needs. 
  • The extension handle comes included to facilitate cleaning of high surfaces such as ceilings, walls, etc. 
  • The high-torque spinning action coupled with the quality head fibers remove limes, water stains, rust and calcium deposits.
  • Longer battery and increased torque for better performance - get 30+ minutes operational power
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Includes
    • Grout Brush for tight spaces or corners.
    • Flat Surface Brush for flat surfaces.
    • Round All-Around Brush for bigger jobs.
    • Extension handle
    • Charger
    • User manual
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