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01 Nov 2019


Christmas Themed Headbands

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Cute Fun Perfect for some Christmas spirit!
What's in a name anyways?

Quite a lot. As soon as it's trademarked and copyrighted, it's basically your identity as a company. You need to make sure you get it absolutely right.

Take Bear, for example. Named such because it links directly to strength and raw animalistic power.

As soon as you hear the word, you think of ferocity and muscle.

Or maybe, just maybe, the company's founder wanted to be ironic and create an underwear brand called "Bare" and just made a typo.

Unlikely, sure, but until we get word that this theory has been disproved by Bear's CEO himself it's still possible.


The perfect Christmas headband for your little one! 

Product Features
  • Pack of 2
  • Materials: polyester
  • Perfect for ages: 2-8 years
  • Washing instructions: the headband is machine washable and hand washable, bow can be removed prior to putting in the machine
“4.2 stars” Google reviews rating