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17 Jan 2020


CBD Hemp Seed 30ml Oil (4% or 5%)

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Strong oil 4% or 5% Powerful supplement Swiss purity Authentic
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Always consult your doctor or veterinarian when adding to your or your pet’s diet. These products are not medicinal and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, and no claims regarding such are made.
Maximum dosage*: Under South African Law, do not exceed 20mg of CBD (Cannabidoil) per day.  (Regulation amending s22(A)2 of the Medecine and Related Substance Act, 1965 (Act no.101 of 1965).
About 4%

With 4% CBD, Cibdol CBD Oil is one of the purest and strongest organic CBD oils available in Europe. It is produced from the finest organic hemp at our disposal, and unlike cannabis, only produces trace amounts of THC. This ensures that Cibdol CBD Oil is non-psychedelic. Made from all natural products. Content: 30ml

CBD is a non-psychedelic cannabinoid found within cannabis and hemp. It is usually the second most prevalent cannabinoid found in cannabis and the most prevalent in hemp.

The organic hemp used to produce Cibdol products only contains trace amounts of THC – you cannot get high of Cibdol CBD oil.

Cibdol CBD Oil is organically grown and produced right from soil to bottle. We do not use any chemicals, GMO products or growth hormones at any point in our production. It results in one of the best available CBD oils on the market today, with a CBD content of 4%.

Cibdol CBD Oil is a perishable product. It should be stored in a cool dark place, away from direct sunlight – such as in a refrigerator.

Cibdol CBD Oil is a dietary supplement. We are not allowed to give any health or medical advice on the nature of CBD. If you are interested then we highly recommend you to do your own research into the matter.

About 5%

Cibdol 5% CBD Hemp Seed Oil: The Perfect Way To Supplement With Hemp.

Our new line of CBD Hemp Seed Oils offers users an authentic, full-bodied hemp experience in higher concentrations than our standard oils. This is one of the latest additions to our range of CBD-rich products, containing 5% CBD in a 30ml bottle.

Hemp seeds are highly regarded as a superfood. They are considered one of the best sources of natural plant-based proteins, and also contain a complete mix of antioxidants, essential fats like omega 3 and 6, and much more. Hemp seeds also contain natural amino acids, phytosterols, and phospholipids, all of which are key ingredients for health and wellbeing.

Our new 5% CBD Hemp Seed Oil contains all of the goodness of hemp seed in oil form and combines it with a powerful dose of CBD. Our CBD is produced through supercritical extraction of naturally grown hemp. We never use GMOs or additives, and we process our oils to remove any inactive plant matter, ensuring users are left with the natural golden blend Cibdol is known for.

At 5%, this is a strong oil that’s ideal for those looking to supplement their daily regime with a decent dose of CBD. It makes for an easy way to supplement an already well-balanced diet with the extra nutrients of hemp.

Product Features
  • 30ml Bottle
  • Powerful supplement
  • Made in Switzerland 
  • Hemp seeds are already well-known for containing a wide variety of healthy compounds, including protein, omega 3 and 6, amino acids, antioxidants and much, much more.
  • The finished product is a clear and clean extract with a beautiful golden colour.
“I have had a very good experience dealing with you guys for returns.” Chris, Durban