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21 Apr 2017

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CableDrop Multi Cable Organising Clip

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There was a man who was lost at sea for 133 days

He survived, and the way in which he did it is truly remarkable.

We know this because we stumbled across the story in a four hour YouTube-athon, an epic viewing sesh that we embarked upon and came out of because of this very write up.

We'll explain. Every so often we're tasked with writing about products we've featured before and because we've only got one really great blurb in us, the second time around is always difficult. So we fall back on what we do best: procrastination.

In this case, Poon Lim's survival tale inspired us. If a man can survive over four months alone at sea, we can come up with new ways to blurb about old products.

Even if that means just talking you through our thought process and hoping you'll buy something anyway.


CableDrop Multi is a self-adhesive, multi cable clip that keeps charging cables and connectors anchored where you need them. CableDrop Multi is a little command centre that keeps up to 4 charging cables anchored and prevents cords from slipping away, behind desks, under nightstands and off of flat surfaces. 

Product Features
  • Cable anchor: CableDrop Multi is an adhesive cable director that keeps cables managed, organised and neatly stored so they’re ready when you need them.
  • Pick your cable cord accordingly: Depending on how you plan to use your cables, CableDrop Multi has channels with either a tighter or looser grip to suit your needs. The two outer channels have a looser grip for cables that you take in and out frequently. The two inner channels have a tighter grip for cables you rarely remove to stay put.
  • Self-adhesive: CableDrop Multi uses a semi-permanent (3M) adhesive tape to stay put on flat surfaces. It’s a sticky cable clip with a peel-and-stick backing. Simply remove the protective tape, place the CableDrop Multi in the desired location and hold down firmly to have a multi cable manager at the ready.
  • PC friendly management: Anyone who has worked on a PC knows that with every PC comes an onslaught of cable clutter. Try CableDrop Multi to help get those cables routed and in check.
  • Practical solution: Whether you're looking for a cool gift or a neat freak, organise your cables with CableDrop!
  • Compatible with all charging and peripheral cables up to 6 mm.
  • Use anywhere you have multiple cables that need anchoring. CableDrop Multi is intended to organise cables and hold cables in place. Its sticky back is semi-permanent. Perfect for home organisation and cable management projects.
  • Available colours: Black, White or Bright
  • Product dimensions: 6.5 x 2 x 1cm
  • 2 in a pack.
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