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Posted in Entertainment on 23 June 2017

A compilation of elevator pranks [3:19]

If you’ve not heard of Remi Gaillard, you’re not living life properly. His pranks are the stuff of legend. [read more...]


Posted in Sportz on 21 June 2017

Referee Nigel Owens at his sarcastic best [1:07]

When a rugby player tries to fake an injury, he gets rightly told off. [read more...]


Posted in Life's Issues on 19 June 2017

Honest Father's Day: kids tell Dads the worst thing they've ever done [2:20]

TBH that prank caller is going to go on to do great things. [read more...]


Posted in Life's Issues on 14 June 2017

Today is World Blood Donor day [1:30]

And if you have 90 seconds available, you need to see how important it actually is. [read more...]


Posted in Off Topic on 12 June 2017

What if all animals were round? [2:13]

That cat is excellent. So is the animation. [read more...]


Posted in Life's Issues on 07 June 2017

Never forget when Ali G interviewed Donald Trump [1:43]

Million dollar idea. Ice-cream gloves! [read more...]


Posted in Entertainment on 05 June 2017

Real life Sherlock Holmes on AGT [5:12]

Staged though parts of this may be, you can’t deny that the man has skill. [read more...]


Posted in The Arts on 31 May 2017

Director of District 9 is making experimental films [1:09]

Here’s the official teaser trailer. [read more...]


Posted in Visual Trivia on 29 May 2017

Before and after Hollywood special effects [4:16]

In the future, we won’t even need actors anymore. They’ll just create faces. [read more...]


Posted in Life's Issues on 25 May 2017

Boy with cancer asks comedian to attend his funeral (NSFW) [6:19]

But he has one special request. [read more...]


Posted in News on 23 May 2017

This is the best apology of all time [2:09]

Context: Chris Brown (the singer) and Andy Levy (this guy) do NOT get along. [read more...]


Posted in Life's Issues on 19 May 2017

Justin Bieber look-alike prank in Sandton [7:57]

It doesn’t take much to whip up a crowd these days. [read more...]


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