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Posted in Office Antics on 23 March 2017

Professional driver goes undercover as a learner [4:07]

A driving school in Malaysia pranks new instructors on their first day. [read more...]


Posted in Off Topic on 15 March 2017

Hilarious Jack Russell kills it at the dog show [1:18]

If you’re not going to win, at least have fun. [read more...]


Posted in News on 13 March 2017

Best BBC news interview EVER [0:43]

And you know the reason he didn’t get up to help is because he didn’t have pants on. [read more...]


Posted in Music on 09 March 2017

Kids react to Guns n' Roses [9:49]

Kids are great, they call it how they see it. Or in this case, how they hear it. [read more...]


Posted in Off Topic on 06 March 2017

This guy BEAT Pac-Man [2:35]

256 levels. Every dot. Every blue ghost. Every piece of fruit. [read more...]


Posted in Entertainment on 01 March 2017

That Oscar mishap: Ozzy Man edition [2:12]

Sure, this was a fiasco of Steve Harvey proportions, but there’s no denying it made the Academy Awards a heckuva lot more fun to watch. [read more...]


Posted in News on 16 February 2017

America First, Namibia FIRST [3:29]

There are plenty of these America First, [insert country here] Second videos, but Namibia’s one is particularly well done. [read more...]


Posted in Cooking on 13 February 2017

Dad makes a sandwich by following his kids' EXACT instructions [7:22]

Programming 101. 20% writing, 80% debugging. [read more...]


Posted in Life's Issues on 02 February 2017

This Danish TV ad is literally the best we've ever seen [3:00]

Grab the tissues, because this one’s a tear jerker. [read more...]


Posted in Entertainment on 01 February 2017

Oscar nominees for Visual Effects 2017 [1:35]

Crank it all the way up to 1080p and enjoy the ride. Remember: none of this is real. [read more...]


Posted in News on 26 January 2017

The Netherlands welcome Donald Trump [3:28]

Videos like this can only be good for international relations. [read more...]


Posted in Sportz on 24 January 2017

Dad attempts to copy daughter's gymnastics [1:25]

If your daughter is into gymnastics, you’re into gymnastics. This guy’s an inspiration to dads everywhere. [read more...]


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