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03 Dec 2019


Stainless Steel Induction Bottom Cookware Set (More Sizes Available)



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5 Layer bottom Marble Coating Dishwaser safe Easy to clean! Induction
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Our products designed with our values of quality, simplicity, affordability and longevity. Blaumann trash cans are made of strong, durable and industrial commercial grade stainless steel and Primary Plastic materials in contemporary simple, yet elegance styles.

Product Features 
  • 5 Layer bottom
  • Riveted handles - safe to use!
  • Induction
  • Dishwaser safe - easy to clean!
  • Marble coating
  • with 3 satin lines
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Oven Safe without Lid 

Whats in the Box

10 Piece Set 

  • 1 x saucepan 16×9,5 cm 1,9 L
  • 1 x casserole 18×10,5 cm 2,6 L
  • 1 x casserole 20×11,5 cm 3,6 L
  • 1 x casserole 24×13,5 cm 6,1 L
  • 1 x frypan 24×6,5 cm 2,5 L

12-Piece Set 

  • 1 x Casserole with lid 18*10,5 cm 2,6 L>OVEN SAFE WITHOUT LID
  • 1 x Casserole with lid 20*11,5 cm 3,6 L>OVEN SAFE WITHOUT LID
  • 1 x Casserole with lid 24*13,5 cm 6,1 L>OVEN SAFE WITHOUT LID
  • 1 x Frypan 24*6,5 cm 2,9 L
  • 1 x Saucepan 16*9 cm 1,9 L
  • 1x  pc frying basket
  • 1 x handle,
  • 1 x bakelite MAT

17 Piece 

  • 1 x Casserole with lid 24cm x 14,5 cm 6,5L- Oven safe without lid
  • 1 x Casserole with lid 20cm x 12,5 cm 3,9L- Oven safe without lid
  • 1 x Casserole with lid 18cm x 11,5 cm 2,5L- Oven safe without lid
  • 1 x Saucepan with lid 16cm x 10,5 cm 2,1L- Oven safe without lid
  • 1 x Frypan with lid 24cm x 7,5 cm  Oven safe without lid
  • 7 pcs stainless steel kitchen tool set with stand
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