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15 Dec 2017


Beverage Cooling Unit

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WMF Great quality Synthetic cooling element Modern crushed ice look Cooling core for freezing Stackable
Writer's block

Ours is about 3 feet by 3 feet, and on our left is the account's block. The marketing block is down the hall.

We're joking. Obviously.

Ours is at least 5 by 5, and on Wednesdays we're allowed to write in coffee shops to maintain the illusion that we're "successful" and "writerly".

Coming up with a write up for the simple sake of a write up does, however, become difficult when we're staring complete lack of creativity right in the face. But apparently asking management to cancel all the deals for the day isn't a viable fix.

As they so delicately put it, it'd be like a comedian having the option to suddenly cancel a show if they're not feeling up to it. Not on our watch, they said. You'll do a write up whether you like it or not, they said. And be funny, they said.

So here we are, doing a write up and being funny.


The synthetic cooling element, that is designed in a modern crushed ice look, is removable, can be cooled in the freezer compartment, and can also be used without the stainless steel cooler – a true all-rounder. After being pre-cooled in a freezer, the cooling element can chill the drinks inside the stainless-steel cooler for at least three hours with a room temperature of 20°C. The stainless-steel element can also be used on its own and filled with items such as crushed ice. Your bottles of champagne and sparkling wine will never have looked more sophisticated!

Product Features
  • Great quality
  • Synthetic cooling element
  • Modern crushed ice look
  • Cooling core for freezing
  • Stackable
  • Plastic
Product Specifications
  • Dimensions: 25,3 x 24 x 13,3 cm
“Service was awesome” Shabudeen, Durban