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Anti-Spill Pouring Spout & Shredding Claws

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Great for any home Durable Easy to wash
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Shredding Claws

Pulled meat dishes are one of the most delicious food trends, but pulling and shredding meat, chicken, and pork can be a hassle. Until now. Use the Shredding Claws to shred meat quickly and effortlessly, turning a once time consuming task into a fun one. The claw’s sharp points are great for pulling, shredding and lifting. You can use it for shredding meat, but the claws, with its contoured handles, can also lift spaghetti or even help toss salads. It’s also easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Anti-Spill Pouring Pout

A genius kitchen accessory that will change your life in the kitchen! The Anti-Spill Pouring Spout is a removable spout that attaches to your bowl or pot so that you can easily pour out sauces or funnel liquids into another container. The flexible spout is durable and resistant to high temperatures. Easy to wash (Dishwasher safe) and easy to use, you can now say goodbye to mess.

Product Features

Shredding Claws

  • Rip Through Meat and Poultry Quickly and Conveniently
  • No Hand Cramps, No Burning, Hassle Free Clean-up
  • Save time and effort when preparing pulled pork and other shredded meat dishes.
  • The sharp points tear through the meat in seconds, turning a time-consuming task into a fun free-for-all.
  • PULL, SHRED & LIFT: Perfect for pulling pork, shredding chicken, tossing salads, lift spaghetti, pick up joints of meat and more!
  • Made from non-toxic ABS plastic handles Contoured handles to lift and then shred meat
  • Heat: Min / Max temperature - 10 / +130 degrees Celsius
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made from Plastic & PC

Anti-Spill Pouring Pout

  • The removable spout attaches instantly to your Bowl, Pot Or Sauce Pan to make pouring quick And easy
  • Can be used with all containers pan, bowl, pot and more.
  • Funnel Liquid Into Other Containers With Ease. No More Messes
  • Resistant to high temperatures and flexible
  • Durable kitchen accessory.
  • Easy to wash (dishwasher safe)
  • Material: Food-grade silicone
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