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06 Aug 2020


Anti-Odor Flip Flops

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Unisex Polygiene Material Anti-Odor Anti-Bacterial Natural Rubber Socially Responsible Recyclable Sustainable Comfortable & Durable Perfect Fit Strap
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It's said that snapping a wishbone has the power to grant you a wish. It's this philosophy that the Wishbones brand is built on.

Wishbones feature a unique nano-treatment, an anti-microbial coating added to their flip flops which has shown to inhibit the growth of 99% of odor-causing bacteria, leaving your Wishbones (and feet) fresh and protected. Wishbones are made using sustainable, natural rubber and are 100% recyclable. This high-quality material is both comfortable and durable, ensuring a pleasant journey wherever your feet take you.

Product Features
  • Uses Anti-Odor, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Fungal Polygiene Technology
  • Perfect-fit Elastic Strap
  • Wedged Heel for Added Shock Absorption
  • Embossed Insole to Prevent Slipping
  • Flexible and Durable Natural Rubber for Optimal Comfort
  • Layered Outside for Extra Grip
  • Made from sustainable natural rubber

Checkout their website for more info!

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