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12 Nov 2019


Acrylic Laptop or Monitor Stand

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Solid Neaten up your work space Ergonomic Durable Multi-functional
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Raise your monitor and organize your desk space in no time, without any setup procedure. This one-piece computer monitor stand is a unibody design with a crystal-clear platform and exquisitely polished acrylic material that will complement any decor in your home or office.

Product Features 
  • This Acrylic Monitor stand riser is made of acrylic, not cheap plastic or glass. It is a perfect height for computer viewing, reducing the strain on your eyes and neck and helping you work more efficiently
  • Whether you use it at home or the office, this multi-purpose computer riser is portable with numerous usages.
  • The Ergonomic structure and rigid construction support various heavy gadgets. It can take up to 23kg, so it can be used as a tv riser for your new LED screen, an iMac stand for Apple products, a stand for your printer and a desktop shelf for your books & accessories.
  • It minimizes the messy clutter and saves you space on your desktop with this widened acrylic stand. This means that you will have more space underneath the stand to store your full-size keyboard & mouse or you can use it as a desk riser that creates another layer to organize documents while still being a unique computer desk stand.
Product Specifications 
  • Model Number: GDK3080
  • Dimensions
    • Size: 51.8 x 20 x 8.9cm
    • Weight: 2.04Kg
What's in the box
  • 1x Acrylic Monitor Stand Riser
“4.2 stars” Google reviews rating