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12 Nov 2019


4Star (SGX/SG5/SG9) Hockey Sticks

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Long lasting Sleek and stylish Princess quality Outdoor stick Great feel Maximum power
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4 STAR Power

The 4star offers superb touch with only 40% carbon composite it is a softer stick with excellent control. Perfect for a more junior player who is looking for a better first touch on the ball (stopping) and extra feel/control.

Options: SG5, SGX and SG9

Product Features
  • STARS on sticks (2star – 7star) indicate the quality/carbon level/stiffness of stick. For e.g. 7 stars with maximum carbon (100%) and greatest stiffness for max hitting power. And the 2star with only 10% carbon has maximum feel giving up a lot of hitting power.

The Mould 5 (SG5)

The Mould 5 (SG5) is the chosen shape stick of the best player that ever played the game of hockey, #14 Dutch international Teun de Nooijer who has won FIH World Player of the Year 3x times, gone to 5x Olympics and scored over 200 goals in 450 matches for Holland! It has a maximum curve of 24.75mm and is also classified as a low bow stick. It has excellent handling qualities giving a player maximum control.

The Mould 9 (SG9)

The Mould 9 (SG9) is a LATE BOW shape - a specialist stick for drag flicking and aerial skills (lifts & flips). The right-hand grip is perfectly shaped for comfort and execution when drag-flicking, while the head is shaped for great dribbling control. The Mould 9 is a legal late bow of 24.75mm that meets the new FIH regulations for sticks effective at FIH competitions from 1 Jan 2011 and effective worldwide for all players from 1 Jan 2013. It is the most popular shape stick in the range.

The Mould 10 (SGX)

The Mould 10 (SGX) is an exciting new EXTREME LOW BOW shape. Amazing stick for drag flicks, all aerial skills and dribbling. 

Product Specifications 
  • 40% Carbon | 5% Kevlar | 55% Glassfiber 
  • Available in 36.5 and 37.5 inches (SGX & SG5)
  • SG9 only available in 36.5 inches
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