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20 Jan 2020


400w UV Anti-Dust Mite Handheld Vacuum with HEPA Filtration System

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UV Strong suction POwerful Clean Anti-Dust mite Carpets Mattresses
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Introducing the UV handheld anti-germ vaccuum cleaner!

UV light is essential and probably the BEST option in destroying harmful bacteria and germs. This handheld vacuum cleaner is light and easy to carry but has an added unique UV light feature.

The UV light is within the cleaner head portion of the vacuum, and as this light is running, the rays break down things like bacteria, dust, germs, and other types of particles,  whilst sucking in all the dirt with a 400w suction power and a brush.  It has a powerful roller brush that you can gently roll over whatever surface you are cleaning, and it will pick up the dirt and dust from the surface. Thereafter, it goes through a HEPA filtration system. This filtration system consists of six individual filtration stages. Each one of these filtration stages is designed to break down and then remove all of the particles and matter that have been thrown into it. On completion of the air circulation, everything that remains is pushed into a small dust canister ensuring that you have clean air back into your environment. 

A regular vacuum doesnt do this!!!

Ideal for furniture cleaning ESPECIALLY Beds, couches, vehicle interiors, etc. as fabrics tend to accumulate dust mites which many people are allergic to.

Product Features
  • Suction power: 400w
  • Filtration system: HEPA
  • Dust cup capacity: 0.6L
  • Outlet filter: SUPER MICRO + Woven cotton
  • Vacuum: 8kPa
  • UV Light tube: 6W/ 120*12mm
  • Noise: 65dB
  • Power cord length: 5m
  • Net weight: 1.2kg
  • Dimension: 36.5 x 22 x 14 cm
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