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08 Jul 2020


4-Piece Combi 26cm Grill Pan

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Made in Italy 26cm High-quality Dual Function Steamer Non-Spill Glass Lid
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Balzano brings you an authentic Italian Kitchen experience!

This Combi Pan is 26cm wide, can be used as a pressure cooker, steamer fryer and even grill.

You can now turn or flip anything without the hassle of using a spatula, allowing the pan to be heated on both sides and food cooks evenly on both sides. The non-stick intaglio coating helps cut down the usage of oil and the pressure built up in the pan cooks food faster and in a healthier manner. The double-sided pan has a detachable feature means you can use it as two individual pans, a double-sided pan, a deep-frying pan and also a regular frying pan.

It acts as a pressure cooker because of the silicon strip that keeps the steam inside and hence the food also gets cooked with the steam pressure. Not just that! The detachable feature on this pan makes it so easy to clean and store the pan without the hassle of turning and twisting the pan around to clean it. The magnetic locking handle ensures that the pan is properly sealed under slight force, yet allowing for easy handling, opening and closing of the pan with minimum fuss.

3 Step Pressure Cooker function

1. Clip the 2 pans into each other

2. The silicone strip will seal the 2 pans together

3. Secure the two pans with the magnet on the handle

Product Features
  • Balzano - Made in Italy
  • 26cm Double Combi Grill Pan
  • Top Pan
  • Bottom Pan
  • High-quality Magnets in handles
  • Steam Hole
  • Dual Function Steamer
  • Silicone Strip allows for Pressure Cooking
  • Non-Spill Glass Lid
  • Aluminium
  • Intaglio non-stick coating interior
  • Steamer
  • Bakelite handles
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