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12 Nov 2019


2-Piece Accessory Set (Small, Medium or Large)



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2-piece Accessory set Durable Double stitching Ultimate comfort
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Want your furbaby to look their best? Then every pet is going to want to get their paws on one of our matching dog collars, leads and harnesses. Our designer range will have your pooch looking fab on a trip to the park, the beach or around the house.

Product Features
  • Soft webbing for the ultimate comfort
  • Highly adjustable with side release clips
  • Made with durable woven nylon & double stitched edges
  • Y shaped harness to prevent neck pulling
  • Colourfast prints prevent fading over time
  • Stylish chrome metal components
  • Washable
  • Pattern Placement may vary
  • Sizing guide:
    • Small: Suitable for large sausage dogs, pekinese, pugs, poodles etc.
    • Medium: Suitable for french bulldogs, jack russels, beagles, schnauzers & most terriers etc.

    • Large: Suitable for labradors, boxers, bulldogs, collies, retrievers & danes etc.
Product Specifications (Small)
  • Harness
    • Waist circumference: 40-56cm
    • Neck circumference: 28-46cm
    • Width: 2cm
  • Leads
    • Length: 1.4m
    • width: 2cm
Product Specifications (Medium)
  • Harness
    • Waist circumference: 50-72cm
    • Neck circumference: 38-64cm
    • Width: 2cm
  • Leads
    • Length: 1.4m
    • width: 2cm
Product Specifications (Large)
  • Harness
    • Waist circumference: 56-86cm
    • Neck circumference: 44-72cm
    • Width: 2.5cm
  • Leads
    • Length: 1.2m
    • width: 2.5cm
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